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Group training isn’t practical or effective for every person. Busy managers or employees with specialized training needs may benefit from individual coaching.

Not everyone learns at the same speed.

Classroom-led instruction assumes that the entire group will process information the same way and at the same speed. A coach can cater to individual learning styles.

Adults learn better when they control the process.

People retain more when they control the learning process. And because adults learn by associating old information with new, a coach can ensure that the material is relevant to each individual.

We’ll customize a coaching program just for you.

Edtech Direct starts by meeting with you to determine your skill level and what kind of training you need. Then we provide a software coach who is an expert in those applications.

You can purchase coaching sessions in 2-hour blocks — anywhere from 2 to 16 blocks at a time, with discounts when you buy several. We’ll make sure these sessions fit your schedule and your budget.

We also provide learning aids and quick reference guides to help after we’re gone. And we follow up to make sure what you’ve learned translates into action.

Our coaches know their stuff, and they know how to teach.

All of our coaches have a minimum of 5 years’ experience with the software they are teaching. But they’re not just techies — they’ve been certified or trained to teach the material as well. Before our coaches are permitted to work directly with clients, they complete rigorous testing to assess their experience.

Our coaches are experts. We guarantee it.

We’ll make sure you’re 100% satisfied.

Our coaching is 100% guaranteed. If you are dissatisfied with your coach or your training, we will repeat the session at no additional cost. 

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