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Edtech Direct is a certification centre for Microsoft business software...

It is difficult for managers to decide if employees have the computer skills to work productively and efficiently.  Managers often ask if there is an objective measure to evaluate employee desktop computer skill.  Edtech Direct offers comprehensive certification programs to validate software skills.

Edtech Direct is a certification centre for Microsoft office software.  We use industry-recognized methods of determining employee skill levels.  We provide training and certification programs to ensure that your employees are operating at peak efficiency.

Microsoft Office User Specialist Certification


The Microsoft Office User Specialist (MOUS) program is the only comprehensive, performance-based certification program approved by Microsoft to validate desktop computer skills using the Microsoft Office programs:

  • Microsoft Word
  • Microsoft Excel
  • Microsoft Outlook®
  • Microsoft PowerPoint®
  • Microsoft Access
  • Microsoft Project

The MOUS program provides computer program literacy, measures proficiency, and identifies opportunities for skills enhancement. Successful candidates receive a MOUS certificate that sets them apart from their peers in the competitive job market. The certificate is a valuable credential recognized worldwide as proof that an individual has the desktop computing skills needed to work more productively and efficiently.

By encouraging individuals to develop advanced skills with Microsoft business desktop software, the MOUS program is helping to fill the demand for qualified, knowledgeable people in the workplace. MOUS also helps satisfy an organization's need for a qualitative assessment of employee skills.

The MOUS program offers two levels of certification: Core and Expert.


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