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How to Empty your Inbox - (ID:128)

Software: Microsoft Outlook 2010 (Intermediate)


Do you find it hard to keep up with email and regularly log off at work with unread emails still in your inbox? Are you constantly re-reading old messages to find buried tasks? Stop wasting your precious time churning through email . The goal of this day-long course is to achieve an empty inbox (yes empty!) every dayŚnot simply by pressing delete or dumping mail into folders but through our signature email management strategy.

Our best-practices approach to email management teaches you strategies for managing Tasks, Appointments, Contacts and Notes to help you effectively control your schedules and assignments. The result of attending this workshop be reduced stress, less frustration and distraction, and better productivity.

Gain control of your inbox and your time with this powerful day-long course!

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Length: 1 Day


Our office - $350 Per Person

Your office - $1500 per day to have this workshop taught at your location

Dates Running: Available exclusively at your organization

We will be happy to book hands-on training exlusively at your organization. Please contact us to arrange for one of our skilled instructors to teach this workshop at your location. We will bring everything you need including a laptops for each participant, you just need to book a room at your office.


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