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Better Bullets: Great PowerPoint Presentations in Half the Time - (ID:127)

Software: Microsoft PowerPoint 2010 (Intermediate)


Remember the last time you were dazzled by a colleague’s PowerPoint presentation, how you marvelled at their use of graphics and diagrams while admiring the clarity and authority of their message? You don’t have to be a software genius to create dynamic presentations. A day of focused training on how to properly use PowerPoint will enable you to create superior presentations with greater impact and clarity in half of the normal time. Through our specialized instruction, you will also learn how to become a more savvy and inspiring presenter overall.

This daylong course includes a methodical four-step process for preparing a professional presentation. The goal is to shift your focus to content preparation as opposed to back-end mechanics, also known as formatting. You will discover new capabilities for text, graphics, tables and powerful diagramming tools that minimize your work. Your future workload will benefit from PowerPoint’s tools to store, share and update slides for re-use—no need to re-invent the wheel each time. And forget having to use multiple programs like Word for speaking notes and handouts on top of your slides—learn how to do it all in one seamless PowerPoint document.

Discover how easy it is to create professional presentations that not only impress your colleagues but that also help to make you a better presenter.

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Length: 1 Day


Our office - $500 Per Person

Your office - $2500 per day to have this workshop taught at your location

Dates Running: Available exclusively at your organization

We will be happy to book hands-on training exlusively at your organization. Please contact us to arrange for one of our skilled instructors to teach this workshop at your location. We will bring everything you need including a laptops for each participant, you just need to book a room at your office.


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