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Excel Shortcuts - (ID:123)

Software: Microsoft Excel 2010 (Intermediate)


Nearly everyone uses Excel, but few go deeply enough to learn the techniques that will make their work much easier and more accurate. The upcoming workshop is a great way to discover Excel's best capabilities so that you can save hours of unnecessary work. This session is packed with brand new skills that will reduce your work and eliminate frustration including:

  • analyzing and managing data with minimal work
  • creating amazing formulas and functions
  • creating charts like a professional
  • making long procedures happen instantaneously with Macros
  • discovering Pivot Tables

The instructor will focus on real-world techniques to solve everyday business problems and beyond with plenty of shortcuts, tricks, and tips that let you work smarter and faster.

Download PDF Outline

Length: 1 Day


Our office - $350 Per Person

Your office - $1500 per day to have this workshop taught at your location

Dates Running: Available exclusively at your organization

We will be happy to book hands-on training exlusively at your organization. Please contact us to arrange for one of our skilled instructors to teach this workshop at your location. We will bring everything you need including a laptops for each participant, you just need to book a room at your office.


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