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1-Click Excel: Automating Excel with Macros and VBA - (ID:121)

Software: Microsoft Excel 2010 (Advanced)


Do your Excel spreadsheets require long, tiresome, repetitive procedures? Do you wish you had more control over how others modify your spreadsheets? Wouldn't it be great if you could do you work with just one mouse click? Macros are the answer. In this 2 day workshop we explore the magic of macros and discover how you can make your computer do your work. Stop doing things the long way, register for this 2 day workshop.

Length: 2 Days


Our office - $695 Per Person

Your office - $3000 per day to have this workshop taught at your location

Dates Running: Available exclusively at your organization

We will be happy to book hands-on training exlusively at your organization. Please contact us to arrange for one of our skilled instructors to teach this workshop at your location. We will bring everything you need including a laptops for each participant, you just need to book a room at your office.


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